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  • Games will be played at Crawford Park and/or Geoff Watt Oval, Alstonville, NSW.
  • Each team will play approximately 5 games in a round-robin style competition over two days.
  • Games will run for 50 minutes with a 5 minute half time.
  • Finals for 1v2 and 3v4 will be played at the end of the round robin competition, or a variation of this, depending on pool numbers.
  • The tournament draw will be published approximately one week prior to the event.



  • Age Groups:
    - Grade 12 (girls turning 10, 11 or 12 this year)
    - Grade 14 (girls turning 12, 13 or 14 this year)
    - Grade 16 (girls turning 14, 15 or 16 this year)
    - Open Women (girls who have turned 14 or over this year)
  • No over age players will be permitted unless special permission is granted by the Tournament Committee. A maximum of 2 players per team can be considered for this.
  • Teams must have at least 11 players up to a maximum of 16 players registered for the tournament.
  • Teams must be made up of players from the same club with the exception that up to four players are allowed who are from other clubs or players who didn't play in a winter comp. A variation to this rule may be considered by the Tournament Committee on a case by case basis.
  • Teams may only have up to three representative/academy/NPL/JPL players, with the exception of Open A teams.
  • Nominations from representative/academy/NPL/JPL teams may be accepted with the understanding that such teams will have to play in an older age group (ie: Gr12 > Gr14, Gr14 > Gr16, Gr16 > Open A). Such nominations will be considered by the Tournament Committee on a case by case basis and a decision made whether to accept the nomination.
  • During the tournament a team may be permitted to bring in an eligible player from another team to fill-in because of injury or another legitimate reason (but not in finals). This must be approved by the Tournament Committee prior to the game. This will be capped at a maximum of 2 players.
  • Minors must be under the supervision of a responsible adult at all times while at the sports fields during the tournament.



Gr12 = $200
Gr14 & Gr16 = $250
OPEN A & OPEN B = $300

(Note: Each player will receive an Oceania Cup gift)



  • Teams must nominate and pay the team fee by the due date.
  • A player list must be submitted prior to the tournament. This list must also give the shirt number to be used by each player throughout the tournament. Separate match sheets will not be used for each game so it is important that player’s numbers do not change from that given on the player list.
  • Each player must also register for the tournament individually via the playfootball website.
  • If a player doesn't have an FFA number then one must first be obtained from the playfootball website.
  • Players already registered on myfootballclub this season for a club within Northern NSW Football will be free to register for the tournament.
  • Unregistered players or Registered players coming from a club outside this region must pay a small fee for this player registration. Note that this is separate to the team nomination fee and is paid to NNSWF and not to Alstonville FC.
  • Players may be exempt from paying this fee if 'approval to travel' is given for their team from their state body. See the registration page of the website for specific details and instructions. 



  • Teams are required to supply their own playing strip & regulation match ball (Gr12 - size 4, Gr14/16/open - size 5).
  • Numbered bibs will be available where playing strips from opposing teams are deemed too similar by the referee and a team does not have an alternate strip.
  • Shin pads are a compulsory part of the uniform as per FIFA regulations.



  • All matches will be played under the rules of FIFA, with the exception of match duration.
  • A pointscore system will be used for the round-robin competition with 3 points awarded for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.
  • If a team forfeits the opposing team will receive 3 points and 3 goals for the match.
  • Finals for 1v2 and 3v4, or a variation of this, will be played at the completion of the round-robin games.
  • Finals fixtures will be determined by pointscore rank (ie: top two teams play each other, then next two, etc).
  • Where two teams finish on equal points their positions will be determined by the following criteria:
    - Goals difference; if still equal, then
    - Goals for; if still equal, then
    - Goals against; if still equal then
    - Most wins; if still equal then
    - Most draws; if still equal then
    - Least losses; if still equal then
    - Toss of a coin
  • Should any round-robin or finals game be drawn (except for top ranked finals, ie 1v2 or 2v3) there will not be any extra time or penalty shoot outs.
  • Should a Gr12 or Gr14 top ranked final be drawn, 5 minutes of extra time each way will be played. Should the game be drawn after extra time then teams will be declared joint winners.
  • Should a Gr16 or OPEN top ranked final be drawn, 5 minutes of extra time each way will be played. Should the game be drawn after extra time then a penalty shoot out will take place to determine the winners.
  • All player interchange will take place under FIFA rules in an area just off the field of play near half way.
  • Any interchange will take place when the ball is out of play, whilst observing the following rules:
    - Any player leaving the field must do so at the touchline at the interchange area.
    - The player entering the field shall do so from the interchange area but shall not enter the field until the leaving player has crossed the touchline.
    - A player awaiting interchange is subject to the authority of the Referee, whether on the field or not.
    - The number of interchanges is unlimited.
    - A player entering the field prior to the replaced player leaving can be cautioned by the referee.
    - A player entering/leaving the field anywhere other than the interchange area can also be cautioned.
  • Blood Rule - When a player suffers from a blood injury and blood is obvious on the player or their uniform, or on another player, the referee will stop the game and the players removed for First Aid. At the Referee’s discretion the player/s will be allowed back on the field.
  • Forfeits – Any team not having seven or more players changed and ready to take the field 5 minutes before kick off time will be required to forfeit the match. Score 3-0.
  • Yellow & Red Cards
    - Any player accumulating 2 yellow cards in a match will be excluded from the first half of the next game.
    - Any player accumulating 2 yellow cards over the event will be excluded from the first half of the next game.
    - Yellow cards cannot be appealed.
    - Any player receiving a red card in a match will cause the judiciary or Tournament Committee to meet and determine a penalty. The Coach or Manager will be informed of the result. Further penalty may be imposed by the committee if they believe the offence is serious enough to warrant further action.
    - Red cards cannot be appealed.
  • Team officials and substitute players must stay within the designated technical areas during matches. A maximum of 2 team officials and 5 substitute players are allowed in each technical area at a time.
  • Players, Team Officials and Spectators must abide by the FFA code of conduct.



  • Referees will be provided for all games.
  • Assistant referees may be provided for some matches & finals.
  • Players, Team Officials and Spectators must abide by the FFA code of conduct - especially conduct towards referees.



  • Results will be posted on a notice board and on the website throughout the tournament.
  • Any disputes regarding the results may be considered by the Tournament Committee.



  • Medallions will be awarded for the winners & runners up of the top ranked final in each age group.
  • A perpetual Oceania Cup trophy will also be presented to the winner of each age group but will be retained at Alstonville FC club premises.



  • Toilets are available upstairs and downstairs at the Crawford Park clubhouse and at the back of the Geoff Watt clubhouse.
  • Teams playing at Crawford Park 1 may use the change rooms prior to their game and at half time but not after their game.
  • Nothing is to be left in the change rooms before or during each game and rooms are to be left in a clean condition.
  • Canteens and drink stations will be running during the tournament.



  • First Aid equipment will be available for the duration of the tournament at the canteens.
  • Stretchers are available in the Crawford Park change rooms.
  • Where a serious injury is suspected an ambulance should be called immediately by dialing 000 and the ground official notified.



  • Any disputes or complaints concerning the tournament may be considered by the Tournament Committee. Any decision of this committee will be final.
  • The Tournament Committee reserves the right to change or modify these rules at any time and at it's own discretion.


  • We ask all players, team officials and supporters attending the Oceania Cup to show mutual respect toward each other and follow the FFA code of conduct. Below is an excerpt from the official FFA Code of Conduct document:



2.1 A Member must not bring FFA or the game of football into Disrepute.

2.2 Without limiting the generality of clause 2.1, a Member will be taken as having brought football into Disrepute if any of the following occurs:

(a) discriminatory behaviour, including public disparagement of, discrimination against, or vilification of, a person on account of an Attribute;
(b) harassment, including sexual harassment or any unwelcome sexual conduct which makes a person feel offended, humiliated and/or intimidated where that reaction is reasonable in the circumstances;
(c) offensive behaviour, including offensive, obscene, provocative or insulting gestures, language or chanting;
(d) provocation or incitement of hatred or violence;
(e) spectator or crowd violence;
(f) intimidation of Match Officials, which may take the form of (but is not restricted to) derogatory or abusive words or gestures toward a Match Official or the use of violence or threats to pressure a Match Official to take or omit to take certain action regardless of where such action is taken;
(g) forgery and falsification, including creation of a false document, forgery of a document or signature, the making of a false claim or providing inaccurate or false information on a prescribed form;
(h) corruption, including offering a Benefit or an advantage to a Player or an Official in an attempt to incite him or her to violate FIFA Statutes or FFA Statutes;
(i) abuse of position to obtain personal benefit;
(j) commission or charge of a criminal offence; or
(k) any other conduct, behaviour or statement that materially injures the reputation and goodwill of FFA or football generally.


In addition to the above, the tournament committee asks participants to also consider the following points about referees:



  • It is against the spirit of the game and club policy for Coaches, Managers, Players or Parents to engage in loud vocal criticism of referees.
  • In the lower age competitive grades the young referees involved are learning and should be encouraged.
  • It should be remembered that a decision is required to be made by the referee every time a player touches the ball and not every decision will be right for all people all the time.
  • If you have a problem with a referee’s performance then a written report will be given consideration. Please don’t challenge a referee’s decision but if you have a question about the rules ask in a calm and appropriate manner after the game.
  • There is a shortage of referees and it is the experience of some football associations in Australia that referees cannot be found for a large percentage of games and as such clubs have to find volunteers to be referees. This is a very undesirable situation so respect and appreciation should be given to referees no matter what, in order to be part of the solution – not the problem.

Tournament Details

2019 Oceania Cup

When: 5-6 Oct 2019
Where: Alstonville, NSW
Who: Girls Club Teams
Div's: Gr12, 14, 16, Open
Noms Due: 22nd Sept

Click here to nominate.



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