NOTE: Online player registration is NOW available. Please follow instructions below.


IMPORTANT: All players MUST be registered individually for the tournament with Football Australia via the playfootball website. For players currently registered to play within NNSWF (Northern NSW Football) this will be free. Note that any payment required for this will be paid to NNSWF to cover insurance etc. See below for details.


Exemption from Player Registration Fees:

"Any players registered to play winter football in the same registration period from another Member Federation of FFA, (eg. Football NSW, Football Qld, etc) will be considered an Unregistered Junior/Senior, unless written consent is received by NNSWF from the player’s Member Federation, approving the interstate travel of the team."


Player Registration Fees:

  • Registered Junior (18 & Under and registered with a NNSWF club for this year): $0.00
  • Unregistered Junior (18 & Under and NOT registered or registered outside NNSWF): $5.50
  • Registered Senior (19+ & registered with a NNSWF club for this year): $0.00
  • Unregistered Senior (19+ & NOT registered or registered outside NNSWF): $19.80

NOTE: Whether a player is deemed Junior or Senior is determined ONLY by the age a player is at the time of registration - not what grade they will be playing in the tournament.

PAYMENT: Payment of any individual registration fees can only be made via credit/debit card at the time of registration.



To register, each player must use their login details to access their own profile and register for the tournament. The below procedure can be used to register a player for the Oceania Cup.

  • Go to the playfootball website and click 'Re-Registering'
  • Select Youth or Adult Football as appropriate
  • Type 'Alstonville' and select 'Alstonville and District Football Club Inc'
  • Click on 'Start my Registration'
  • Click on 'Get Started'
  • Either 'Sign In' to your existing account or 'Create Account' by entering your details and clicking 'Register' and then sign in (make sure you remember your password)
  • Once signed in, select the player to register and click 'Continue'
  • Select the correct Oceania Cup package
    • NOTE: Only select the 'Registered' option if you are already registered for a Northern NSW Football club for the regular season this year OR are registered in another state this year AND have written permission from your state to play at the Oceania Cup
    • All other players MUST select the 'Unregistered' option
  • Continue through the registration process and pay any fees as applicable and then Submit your registration
  • Make sure you see a message that your registration was successful (you should get an email aswell)
  • You are now registered for the Oceania Cup!


NOTE 1: 'Pending Approval'

Your registration confirmation email will say that your registration is 'pending approval'. However approval is just a formality and will be done by our registrar in due course, so don't worry about this.


NOTE 2: Duplicates & Declined Registrations

If you accidentally register more than once, we will delete the duplicate registrations and you will receive an email saying the registration has been declined. In case just login to your account and check that you still have one registration pending.


NOTE 3: Registration Help

If you need help, just phone the help line on 02 8880 7983.


Tournament Details

2019 Oceania Cup

When: 5-6 Oct 2019
Where: Alstonville, NSW
Who: Girls Club Teams
Div's: Gr12, 14, 16, Open
Noms Due: 22nd Sept

Click here to nominate.



For Oceania Cup Merchandise please visit Pimco Sports.


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