2016 DRAW

(Updated 10:00PM, 27 Sept 2016)

The draw is now finalised and the spreadsheet can be downloaded here.

This also shows the times for the finals fixtures. The make up of the finals fixtures will be determined after the last game of each round robin and posted on a noticeboard at Crawford Park on the day.

Each team plays approximately 5 games over the two days - depending on pool numbers.

OPEN A: 4 teams (3 round games plus a semi-final & a final for all teams)
OPEN B - Pool 1: 7 teams (4 round games plus a final for all teams)
OPEN B - Pool 2: 7 teams (4 round games plus a final for all teams)
GRADE 16: 6 teams (5 round games plus a final for all teams)
GRADE 14: 6 teams (5 round games plus a final for all teams)
GRADE 12: 6 teams (5 round games plus a final for all teams)

NOTE: Finals for OpenB teams are Pool 1 v Pool 2 (ie: 1v1, 2v2, etc)

Individual draws for each team are listed below:

Villa FC Angels - Gr12

1/10/20169:00 AMGW4Villa FC AngelsDunoon United FC
1/10/201612:00 PMGW3Villa FC AngelsVilla FC Spirit
1/10/20162:00 PMGW4Villa FC AngelsYamba Hotspurs
2/10/20169:00 AMGW4Villa FC AngelsCasino Diamond Divas
2/10/201612:00 PMGW4Villa FC AngelsLennox Sharks
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Lennox Sharks - Gr12

1/10/20169:00 AMGW5Lennox SharksVilla FC Spirit
1/10/201612:00 PMGW5Lennox SharksCasino Diamond Divas
1/10/20163:00 PMGW5Lennox SharksDunoon United FC
2/10/20169:00 AMGW5Lennox SharksYamba Hotspurs
2/10/201612:00 PMGW4Lennox SharksVilla FC Angels
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Casino Diamond Divas - Gr12

1/10/201610:00 AMGW5Casino Diamond DivasYamba Hotspurs
1/10/201612:00 PMGW5Casino Diamond DivasLennox Sharks
1/10/20162:00 PMGW5Casino Diamond DivasVilla FC Spirit
2/10/20169:00 AMGW4Casino Diamond DivasVilla FC Angels
2/10/201612:00 PMGW5Casino Diamond DivasDunoon United FC
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Yamba Hotspurs - Gr12

1/10/201610:00 AMGW5Yamba HotspursCasino Diamond Divas
1/10/201612:00 PMGW4Yamba HotspursDunoon United FC
1/10/20162:00 PMGW4Yamba HotspursVilla FC Angels
2/10/20169:00 AMGW5Yamba HotspursLennox Sharks
2/10/20161:00 PMGW5Yamba HotspursVilla FC Spirit
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Villa FC Spirit - Gr12

1/10/20169:00 AMGW5Villa FC SpiritLennox Sharks
1/10/201612:00 PMGW3Villa FC SpiritVilla FC Angels
1/10/20162:00 PMGW5Villa FC SpiritCasino Diamond Divas
2/10/201610:00 AMGW5Villa FC SpiritDunoon United FC
2/10/20161:00 PMGW5Villa FC SpiritYamba Hotspurs
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Dunoon United FC - Gr12

1/10/20169:00 AMGW4Dunoon United FCVilla FC Angels
1/10/201612:00 PMGW4Dunoon United FCYamba Hotspurs
1/10/20163:00 PMGW5Dunoon United FCLennox Sharks
2/10/201610:00 AMGW5Dunoon United FCVilla FC Spirit
2/10/201612:00 PMGW5Dunoon United FCCasino Diamond Divas
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Villa FC Velocity - Gr14

1/10/201610:00 AMGW4Villa FC VelocityDunoon United
1/10/20161:00 PMGW3Villa FC VelocityVilla FC Hotshots
1/10/20163:00 PMGW4Villa FC VelocityWoopi Wanderers
2/10/201610:00 AMGW4Villa FC VelocityUki Pythons
2/10/20161:00 PMGW4Villa FC VelocityMullum Matildas
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Mullum Matildas - Gr14

1/10/201611:00 AMGW4Mullum MatildasVilla FC Hotshots
1/10/20161:00 PMGW5Mullum MatildasUki Pythons
1/10/20164:00 PMGW5Mullum MatildasDunoon United
2/10/201611:00 AMGW4Mullum MatildasWoopi Wanderers
2/10/20161:00 PMGW4Mullum MatildasVilla FC Velocity
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Uki Pythons - Gr14

1/10/201611:00 AMGW5Uki PythonsWoopi Wanderers
1/10/20161:00 PMGW5Uki PythonsMullum Matildas
1/10/20164:00 PMGW4Uki PythonsVilla FC Hotshots
2/10/201610:00 AMGW4Uki PythonsVilla FC Velocity
2/10/20162:00 PMGW4Uki PythonsDunoon United
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Woopi Wanderers - Gr14

1/10/201611:00 AMGW5Woopi WanderersUki Pythons
1/10/20161:00 PMGW4Woopi WanderersDunoon United
1/10/20163:00 PMGW4Woopi WanderersVilla FC Velocity
2/10/201611:00 AMGW4Woopi WanderersMullum Matildas
2/10/20162:00 PMGW5Woopi WanderersVilla FC Hotshots
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Villa FC Hotshots - Gr14

1/10/201611:00 AMGW4Villa FC HotshotsMullum Matildas
1/10/20161:00 PMGW3Villa FC HotshotsVilla FC Velocity
1/10/20164:00 PMGW4Villa FC HotshotsUki Pythons
2/10/201611:00 AMGW5Villa FC HotshotsDunoon United
2/10/20162:00 PMGW5Villa FC HotshotsWoopi Wanderers
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Dunoon United - Gr14

1/10/201610:00 AMGW4Dunoon UnitedVilla FC Velocity
1/10/20161:00 PMGW4Dunoon UnitedWoopi Wanderers
1/10/20164:00 PMGW5Dunoon UnitedMullum Matildas
2/10/201611:00 AMGW5Dunoon UnitedVilla FC Hotshots
2/10/20162:00 PMGW4Dunoon UnitedUki Pythons
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Villa FC Red Devils - Gr16

1/10/20169:00 AMGW3Villa FC Red DevilsCasino Cobras
1/10/20161:00 PMCP2Villa FC Red DevilsVilla FC Strikers
1/10/20165:00 PMCP2Villa FC Red DevilsUki Pythons
2/10/20169:00 AMCP2Villa FC Red DevilsMFC Warning
2/10/201612:00 PMGW3Villa FC Red DevilsMullum Barely Legal
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Mullum Barely Legal - Gr16

1/10/201610:00 AMGW3Mullum Barely LegalVilla FC Strikers
1/10/20162:00 PMGW3Mullum Barely LegalMFC Warning
1/10/20166:00 PMCP2Mullum Barely LegalCasino Cobras
2/10/20169:00 AMGW3Mullum Barely LegalUki Pythons
2/10/201612:00 PMGW3Mullum Barely LegalVilla FC Red Devils
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

MFC Warning - Gr16

1/10/201610:00 AMCP2MFC WarningUki Pythons
1/10/20162:00 PMGW3MFC WarningMullum Barely Legal
1/10/20165:00 PMGW3MFC WarningVilla FC Strikers
2/10/20169:00 AMCP2MFC WarningVilla FC Red Devils
2/10/20161:00 PMCP2MFC WarningCasino Cobras
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Uki Pythons - Gr16

1/10/201610:00 AMCP2Uki PythonsMFC Warning
1/10/20162:00 PMCP2Uki PythonsCasino Cobras
1/10/20165:00 PMCP2Uki PythonsVilla FC Red Devils
2/10/20169:00 AMGW3Uki PythonsMullum Barely Legal
2/10/20161:00 PMGW3Uki PythonsVilla FC Strikers
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Villa FC Strikers - Gr16

1/10/201610:00 AMGW3Villa FC StrikersMullum Barely Legal
1/10/20161:00 PMCP2Villa FC StrikersVilla FC Red Devils
1/10/20165:00 PMGW3Villa FC StrikersMFC Warning
2/10/201610:00 AMGW3Villa FC StrikersCasino Cobras
2/10/20161:00 PMGW3Villa FC StrikersUki Pythons
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Casino Cobras - Gr16

1/10/20169:00 AMGW3Casino CobrasVilla FC Red Devils
1/10/20162:00 PMCP2Casino CobrasUki Pythons
1/10/20166:00 PMCP2Casino CobrasMullum Barely Legal
2/10/201610:00 AMGW3Casino CobrasVilla FC Strikers
2/10/20161:00 PMCP2Casino CobrasMFC Warning
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Villa FC Premiers - OpenA

1/10/20162:00 PMCP1Villa FC PremiersLismore Thistles
1/10/20167:00 PMCP1Villa FC PremiersLennox Sharks
2/10/201611:00 AMCP1Villa FC PremiersLeichhardt Jags
2/10/2016SEMI-FINAL (TBD)
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Leichhardt Jags - OpenA

1/10/20163:00 PMCP1Leichhardt Jags Lennox Sharks
1/10/20168:00 PMCP1Leichhardt Jags Lismore Thistles
2/10/201611:00 AMCP1Leichhardt Jags Villa FC Premiers
2/10/2016SEMI-FINAL (TBD)
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Lennox Sharks - OpenA

1/10/20163:00 PMCP1Lennox SharksLeichhardt Jags
1/10/20167:00 PMCP1Lennox SharksVilla FC Premiers
2/10/201612:00 PMCP1Lennox SharksLismore Thistles
2/10/2016SEMI-FINAL (TBD)
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Lismore Thistles - OpenA

1/10/20162:00 PMCP1Lismore ThistlesVilla FC Premiers
1/10/20168:00 PMCP1Lismore ThistlesLeichhardt Jags
2/10/201612:00 PMCP1Lismore ThistlesLennox Sharks
2/10/2016SEMI-FINAL (TBD)
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Villa crew - OpenB1

1/10/20169:00 AMCP1Villa crewRichmond Rovers
1/10/201612:00 PMCP2Villa crewMullum Scrubbers
1/10/20165:00 PMCP1Villa crewDunoon United
2/10/201610:00 AMCP2Villa crewSpringfield United
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Ballina SeaFillies - OpenB1

1/10/20169:00 AMCP2Ballina SeaFilliesDunoon United
1/10/20161:00 PMCP1Ballina SeaFilliesMaclean Bobcats
2/10/201610:00 AMCP1Ballina SeaFilliesRichmond Rovers
2/10/20161:00 PMCP1Ballina SeaFilliesMullum Scrubbers
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Maclean Bobcats - OpenB1

1/10/201610:00 AMCP1Maclean BobcatsMullum Scrubbers
1/10/20161:00 PMCP1Maclean BobcatsBallina SeaFillies
1/10/20164:00 PMGW3Maclean BobcatsSpringfield United
2/10/20169:00 AMCP1Maclean BobcatsDunoon United
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Mullum Scrubbers - OpenB1

1/10/201610:00 AMCP1Mullum ScrubbersMaclean Bobcats
1/10/201612:00 PMCP2Mullum ScrubbersVilla crew
1/10/20164:00 PMCP2Mullum ScrubbersRichmond Rovers
2/10/20161:00 PMCP1Mullum ScrubbersBallina SeaFillies
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Dunoon United - OpenB1

1/10/20169:00 AMCP2Dunoon UnitedBallina SeaFillies
1/10/201612:00 PMCP1Dunoon UnitedSpringfield United
1/10/20165:00 PMCP1Dunoon UnitedVilla crew
2/10/20169:00 AMCP1Dunoon UnitedMaclean Bobcats
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Richmond Rovers - OpenB1

1/10/20169:00 AMCP1Richmond RoversVilla crew
1/10/20164:00 PMCP2Richmond RoversMullum Scrubbers
2/10/201610:00 AMCP1Richmond RoversBallina SeaFillies
2/10/20162:00 PMCP1Richmond RoversSpringfield United
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Springfield United - OpenB1

1/10/201612:00 PMCP1Springfield UnitedDunoon United
1/10/20164:00 PMGW3Springfield UnitedMaclean Bobcats
2/10/201610:00 AMCP2Springfield UnitedVilla crew
2/10/20162:00 PMCP1Springfield UnitedRichmond Rovers
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Uki Pythons - OpenB2

1/10/201611:00 AMCP1Uki PythonsItalo Stars Women
1/10/20163:00 PMGW3Uki PythonsNimbin Green Team
2/10/201611:00 AMGW3Uki PythonsTeviot Pink Panthers
2/10/20162:00 PMCP2Uki PythonsSCU
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Casino Cobras - OpenB2

1/10/201611:00 AMCP2Casino CobrasSCU
1/10/20164:00 PMCP1Casino CobrasVilla FC Misfits
1/10/20168:00 PMCP2Casino CobrasItalo Stars Women
2/10/201612:00 PMCP2Casino CobrasNimbin Green Team
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Villa FC Misfits - OpenB2

1/10/201611:00 AMGW3Villa FC MisfitsNimbin Green Team
1/10/20164:00 PMCP1Villa FC MisfitsCasino Cobras
1/10/20167:00 PMCP2Villa FC MisfitsTeviot Pink Panthers
2/10/201611:00 AMCP2Villa FC MisfitsSCU
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Nimbin Green Team - OpenB2

1/10/201611:00 AMGW3Nimbin Green TeamVilla FC Misfits
1/10/20163:00 PMGW3Nimbin Green TeamUki Pythons
1/10/20166:00 PMCP1Nimbin Green TeamItalo Stars Women
2/10/201612:00 PMCP2Nimbin Green TeamCasino Cobras
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

SCU - OpenB2

1/10/201611:00 AMCP2SCUCasino Cobras
1/10/20163:00 PMCP2SCUTeviot Pink Panthers
2/10/201611:00 AMCP2SCUVilla FC Misfits
2/10/20162:00 PMCP2SCUUki Pythons
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Italo Stars Women - OpenB2

1/10/201611:00 AMCP1Italo Stars WomenUki Pythons
1/10/20166:00 PMCP1Italo Stars WomenNimbin Green Team
1/10/20168:00 PMCP2Italo Stars WomenCasino Cobras
2/10/20162:00 PMGW3Italo Stars WomenTeviot Pink Panthers
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

Teviot Pink Panthers - OpenB2

1/10/20163:00 PMCP2Teviot Pink PanthersSCU
1/10/20167:00 PMCP2Teviot Pink PanthersVilla FC Misfits
2/10/201611:00 AMGW3Teviot Pink PanthersUki Pythons
2/10/20162:00 PMGW3Teviot Pink PanthersItalo Stars Women
2/10/2016FINAL (TBD)

2017 Oceania Cup

When: 30 Sep/1 Oct
Where: Alstonville, NSW
Who: Girls Club Teams
Div's: Gr12, 14, 16, Open
Noms Due: 18th Sept

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