2017 DRAW

(Updated 4:30PM, 23 Sept 2017)

The draw is now finalised and the spreadsheet can be downloaded here.

The spreadsheet also shows the times for the finals fixtures. The make up of the finals fixtures will be determined after the last game of each round robin and posted on a noticeboard at Crawford Park on the day.

Each team plays approximately 5 or 6 games over the two days - depending on pool numbers.

OPEN A: 6 teams (5 round games plus a final for all teams)
OPEN B - Pool 1: 5 teams (4 round games plus a final for all teams)
OPEN B - Pool 2: 5 teams (4 round games plus a final for all teams)
GRADE 16: 6 teams (5 round games plus a final for all teams)
GRADE 14 Pool 1: 5 teams (4 round games plus a final for all teams)
GRADE 14 Pool 2: 5 teams (4 round games plus a final for all teams)
GRADE 12: 8 teams (5 round games plus a final for all teams)

NOTE: Finals for Gr14 & OpenB teams are Pool 1 v Pool 2 (ie: 1v1, 2v2, etc)

Individual draws for each team are listed below:

Terrigal United - Gr12

30/09/20179:00 AMGW4Terrigal UnitedVilla FC Butterflies
30/09/201712:00 PMGW2Terrigal UnitedDunoon United
30/09/20173:00 PMGW4Terrigal UnitedKingscliff Blue
1/10/20179:00 AMGW4Terrigal UnitedKingscliff Red
1/10/201712:00 PMGW2Terrigal UnitedLennox Sharks
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Villa FC Angels - Gr12

30/09/20179:00 AMGW5Villa FC AngelsDunoon United
30/09/20171:00 PMGW2Villa FC AngelsKingscliff Red
30/09/20174:00 PMGW5Villa FC AngelsNimbin All Blacks
1/10/201710:00 AMGW4Villa FC AngelsVilla FC Butterflies
1/10/20171:00 PMGW2Villa FC AngelsKingscliff Blue
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Nimbin All Blacks - Gr12

30/09/201710:00 AMGW2Nimbin All BlacksKingscliff Blue
30/09/20171:00 PMGW4Nimbin All BlacksLennox Sharks
30/09/20174:00 PMGW5Nimbin All BlacksVilla FC Angels
1/10/201710:00 AMGW2Nimbin All BlacksDunoon United
1/10/201712:00 PMGW4Nimbin All BlacksKingscliff Red
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Lennox Sharks - Gr12

30/09/201710:00 AMGW4Lennox SharksKingscliff Red
30/09/20171:00 PMGW4Lennox SharksNimbin All Blacks
30/09/20174:00 PMGW4Lennox SharksVilla FC Butterflies
1/10/20179:00 AMGW5Lennox SharksKingscliff Blue
1/10/201712:00 PMGW2Lennox SharksTerrigal United
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Kingscliff Red - Gr12

30/09/201710:00 AMGW4Kingscliff RedLennox Sharks
30/09/20171:00 PMGW2Kingscliff RedVilla FC Angels
30/09/20174:00 PMGW2Kingscliff RedDunoon United
1/10/20179:00 AMGW4Kingscliff RedTerrigal United
1/10/201712:00 PMGW4Kingscliff RedNimbin All Blacks
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Kingscliff Blue - Gr12

30/09/201710:00 AMGW2Kingscliff BlueNimbin All Blacks
30/09/201712:00 PMGW4Kingscliff BlueVilla FC Butterflies
30/09/20173:00 PMGW4Kingscliff BlueTerrigal United
1/10/20179:00 AMGW5Kingscliff BlueLennox Sharks
1/10/20171:00 PMGW2Kingscliff BlueVilla FC Angels
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Dunoon United - Gr12

30/09/20179:00 AMGW5Dunoon UnitedVilla FC Angels
30/09/201712:00 PMGW2Dunoon UnitedTerrigal United
30/09/20174:00 PMGW2Dunoon UnitedKingscliff Red
1/10/201710:00 AMGW2Dunoon UnitedNimbin All Blacks
1/10/20171:00 PMGW4Dunoon UnitedVilla FC Butterflies
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Villa FC Butterflies - Gr12

30/09/20179:00 AMGW4Villa FC ButterfliesTerrigal United
30/09/201712:00 PMGW4Villa FC ButterfliesKingscliff Blue
30/09/20174:00 PMGW4Villa FC ButterfliesLennox Sharks
1/10/201710:00 AMGW4Villa FC ButterfliesVilla FC Angels
1/10/20171:00 PMGW4Villa FC ButterfliesDunoon United
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Villa FC Hotshots - Gr14 Pool1

30/09/201710:00 AMGW5Villa FC HotshotsTasmania NTJSA
30/09/20172:00 PMGW5Villa FC HotshotsCoomera Fillys
30/09/20175:00 PMGW3Villa FC HotshotsRobina Thunder
1/10/201711:00 AMGW4Villa FC HotshotsDunoon Green
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Coomera Fillys - Gr14 Pool1

30/09/201711:00 AMGW5Coomera FillysDunoon Green
30/09/20172:00 PMGW5Coomera FillysVilla FC Hotshots
30/09/20174:00 PMGW3Coomera FillysTasmania NTJSA
1/10/20172:00 PMGW3Coomera FillysRobina Thunder
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Dunoon Green - Gr14 Pool1

30/09/201711:00 AMGW5Dunoon GreenCoomera Fillys
30/09/20171:00 PMGW5Dunoon GreenRobina Thunder
1/10/201711:00 AMGW4Dunoon GreenVilla FC Hotshots
1/10/20172:00 PMGW4Dunoon GreenTasmania NTJSA
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Tasmania NTJSA - Gr14 Pool1

30/09/201710:00 AMGW5Tasmania NTJSAVilla FC Hotshots
30/09/20174:00 PMGW3Tasmania NTJSACoomera Fillys
1/10/201712:00 PMGW5Tasmania NTJSARobina Thunder
1/10/20172:00 PMGW4Tasmania NTJSADunoon Green
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Robina Thunder - Gr14 Pool1

30/09/20171:00 PMGW5Robina ThunderDunoon Green
30/09/20175:00 PMGW3Robina ThunderVilla FC Hotshots
1/10/201712:00 PMGW5Robina ThunderTasmania NTJSA
1/10/20172:00 PMGW3Robina ThunderCoomera Fillys
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Dunoon Gold - Gr14 Pool2

30/09/201711:00 AMGW4Dunoon GoldWoopi Wanderers
30/09/20173:00 PMGW5Dunoon GoldYamba Breakers
30/09/20176:00 PMGW3Dunoon GoldGold Coast Pirates
1/10/201710:00 AMGW5Dunoon GoldUki Pythons
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Yamba Breakers - Gr14 Pool2

30/09/201712:00 PMGW5Yamba BreakersUki Pythons
30/09/20173:00 PMGW5Yamba BreakersDunoon Gold
30/09/20176:00 PMCP2Yamba BreakersWoopi Wanderers
1/10/20171:00 PMGW5Yamba BreakersGold Coast Pirates
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Uki Pythons - Gr14 Pool2

30/09/201712:00 PMGW5Uki PythonsYamba Breakers
30/09/20172:00 PMGW4Uki PythonsGold Coast Pirates
1/10/201710:00 AMGW5Uki PythonsDunoon Gold
1/10/20172:00 PMGW5Uki PythonsWoopi Wanderers
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Woopi Wanderers - Gr14 Pool2

30/09/201711:00 AMGW4Woopi WanderersDunoon Gold
30/09/20176:00 PMCP2Woopi WanderersYamba Breakers
1/10/201711:00 AMGW5Woopi WanderersGold Coast Pirates
1/10/20172:00 PMGW5Woopi WanderersUki Pythons
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Gold Coast Pirates - Gr14 Pool2

30/09/20172:00 PMGW4Gold Coast PiratesUki Pythons
30/09/20176:00 PMGW3Gold Coast PiratesDunoon Gold
1/10/201711:00 AMGW5Gold Coast PiratesWoopi Wanderers
1/10/20171:00 PMGW5Gold Coast PiratesYamba Breakers
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Villa FC Velocity - Gr16

30/09/20179:00 AMGW3Villa FC VelocityTerrigal United
30/09/20171:00 PMCP1Villa FC VelocitySurfers Eagles
30/09/20174:00 PMCP2Villa FC VelocityMullum MBVFC
1/10/20179:00 AMGW3Villa FC VelocityGold Coast Pirates
1/10/20171:00 PMCP1Villa FC VelocityCasino Cobras
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Casino Cobras - Gr16

30/09/201710:00 AMCP2Casino CobrasSurfers Eagles
30/09/20171:00 PMGW3Casino CobrasGold Coast Pirates
30/09/20177:00 PMGW3Casino CobrasTerrigal United
1/10/201710:00 AMCP2Casino CobrasMullum MBVFC
1/10/20171:00 PMCP1Casino CobrasVilla FC Velocity
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Gold Coast Pirates - Gr16

30/09/201710:00 AMGW3Gold Coast PiratesMullum MBVFC
30/09/20171:00 PMGW3Gold Coast PiratesCasino Cobras
30/09/20175:00 PMCP1Gold Coast PiratesSurfers Eagles
1/10/20179:00 AMGW3Gold Coast PiratesVilla FC Velocity
1/10/20171:00 PMCP2Gold Coast PiratesTerrigal United
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Mullum MBVFC - Gr16

30/09/201710:00 AMGW3Mullum MBVFCGold Coast Pirates
30/09/20171:00 PMCP2Mullum MBVFCTerrigal United
30/09/20174:00 PMCP2Mullum MBVFCVilla FC Velocity
1/10/201710:00 AMCP2Mullum MBVFCCasino Cobras
1/10/20171:00 PMGW3Mullum MBVFCSurfers Eagles
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Surfers Eagles - Gr16

30/09/201710:00 AMCP2Surfers EaglesCasino Cobras
30/09/20171:00 PMCP1Surfers EaglesVilla FC Velocity
30/09/20175:00 PMCP1Surfers EaglesGold Coast Pirates
1/10/201710:00 AMGW3Surfers EaglesTerrigal United
1/10/20171:00 PMGW3Surfers EaglesMullum MBVFC
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Terrigal United - Gr16

30/09/20179:00 AMGW3Terrigal UnitedVilla FC Velocity
30/09/20171:00 PMCP2Terrigal UnitedMullum MBVFC
30/09/20177:00 PMGW3Terrigal UnitedCasino Cobras
1/10/201710:00 AMGW3Terrigal UnitedSurfers Eagles
1/10/20171:00 PMCP2Terrigal UnitedGold Coast Pirates
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Villa FC DeCiders - OpenB Pool1

30/09/20179:00 AMCP1Villa FC DeCidersTeviot Pink Panthers
30/09/201712:00 PMCP2Villa FC DeCidersMullum MBVFC
30/09/20174:00 PMCP1Villa FC DeCidersUki Killer Pythons
1/10/20179:00 AMCP1Villa FC DeCidersPendo Tigers
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Mullum MBVFC - OpenB Pool1

30/09/20179:00 AMCP2Mullum MBVFCPendo Tigers
30/09/201712:00 PMCP2Mullum MBVFCVilla FC DeCiders
30/09/20173:00 PMGW3Mullum MBVFCTeviot Pink Panthers
1/10/201712:00 PMCP1Mullum MBVFCUki Killer Pythons
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Pendo Tigers - OpenB Pool1

30/09/20179:00 AMCP2Pendo TigersMullum MBVFC
30/09/201712:00 PMCP1Pendo TigersUki Killer Pythons
1/10/20179:00 AMCP1Pendo TigersVilla FC DeCiders
1/10/201712:00 PMCP2Pendo TigersTeviot Pink Panthers
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Teviot Pink Panthers - OpenB Pool1

30/09/20179:00 AMCP1Teviot Pink PanthersVilla FC DeCiders
30/09/20173:00 PMGW3Teviot Pink PanthersMullum MBVFC
1/10/20179:00 AMCP2Teviot Pink PanthersUki Killer Pythons
1/10/201712:00 PMCP2Teviot Pink PanthersPendo Tigers
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Uki Killer Pythons - OpenB Pool1

30/09/201712:00 PMCP1Uki Killer PythonsPendo Tigers
30/09/20174:00 PMCP1Uki Killer PythonsVilla FC DeCiders
1/10/20179:00 AMCP2Uki Killer PythonsTeviot Pink Panthers
1/10/201712:00 PMCP1Uki Killer PythonsMullum MBVFC
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Virginia United - OpenB Pool2

30/09/201711:00 AMGW3Virginia UnitedUki Tweed Terrors
30/09/20172:00 PMGW3Virginia UnitedBallina Seafillies
30/09/20177:00 PMCP1Virginia UnitedVilla FC Vixens
1/10/201711:00 AMGW3Virginia UnitedDunoon United
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Ballina Seafillies - OpenB Pool2

30/09/201712:00 PMGW3Ballina SeafilliesDunoon United
30/09/20172:00 PMGW3Ballina SeafilliesVirginia United
30/09/20175:00 PMCP2Ballina SeafilliesUki Tweed Terrors
1/10/20172:00 PMCP2Ballina SeafilliesVilla FC Vixens
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Dunoon United - OpenB Pool2

30/09/201712:00 PMGW3Dunoon UnitedBallina Seafillies
30/09/20172:00 PMCP2Dunoon UnitedVilla FC Vixens
30/09/20177:00 PMCP2Dunoon UnitedUki Tweed Terrors
1/10/201711:00 AMGW3Dunoon UnitedVirginia United
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Uki Tweed Terrors - OpenB Pool2

30/09/201711:00 AMGW3Uki Tweed TerrorsVirginia United
30/09/20175:00 PMCP2Uki Tweed TerrorsBallina Seafillies
30/09/20177:00 PMCP2Uki Tweed TerrorsDunoon United
1/10/201712:00 PMGW3Uki Tweed TerrorsVilla FC Vixens
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Villa FC Vixens - OpenB Pool2

30/09/20172:00 PMCP2Villa FC VixensDunoon United
30/09/20177:00 PMCP1Villa FC VixensVirginia United
1/10/201712:00 PMGW3Villa FC VixensUki Tweed Terrors
1/10/20172:00 PMCP2Villa FC VixensBallina Seafillies
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Goonellabah - OpenA

30/09/201710:00 AMCP1Goonellabah Gold Coast Pirates
30/09/20172:00 PMCP1Goonellabah Urunga Raiders
30/09/20176:00 PMCP1Goonellabah Murwillumbah Warning
1/10/201710:00 AMCP1Goonellabah Leichhardt Jags
1/10/20172:00 PMCP1Goonellabah Villa FC
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Villa FC - OpenA

30/09/201711:00 AMCP1Villa FCUrunga Raiders
30/09/20173:00 PMCP2Villa FCLeichhardt Jags
30/09/20178:00 PMCP2Villa FCGold Coast Pirates
1/10/201711:00 AMCP1Villa FCMurwillumbah Warning
1/10/20172:00 PMCP1Villa FCGoonellabah
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Leichhardt Jags - OpenA

30/09/201711:00 AMCP2Leichhardt JagsMurwillumbah Warning
30/09/20173:00 PMCP2Leichhardt JagsVilla FC
30/09/20178:00 PMCP1Leichhardt JagsUrunga Raiders
1/10/201710:00 AMCP1Leichhardt JagsGoonellabah
1/10/20173:00 PMCP1Leichhardt JagsGold Coast Pirates
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Murwillumbah Warning - OpenA

30/09/201711:00 AMCP2Murwillumbah WarningLeichhardt Jags
30/09/20173:00 PMCP1Murwillumbah WarningGold Coast Pirates
30/09/20176:00 PMCP1Murwillumbah WarningGoonellabah
1/10/201711:00 AMCP1Murwillumbah WarningVilla FC
1/10/20173:00 PMCP2Murwillumbah WarningUrunga Raiders
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Urunga Raiders - OpenA

30/09/201711:00 AMCP1Urunga RaidersVilla FC
30/09/20172:00 PMCP1Urunga RaidersGoonellabah
30/09/20178:00 PMCP1Urunga RaidersLeichhardt Jags
1/10/201711:00 AMCP2Urunga RaidersGold Coast Pirates
1/10/20173:00 PMCP2Urunga RaidersMurwillumbah Warning
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

Gold Coast Pirates - OpenA

30/09/201710:00 AMCP1Gold Coast PiratesGoonellabah
30/09/20173:00 PMCP1Gold Coast PiratesMurwillumbah Warning
30/09/20178:00 PMCP2Gold Coast PiratesVilla FC
1/10/201711:00 AMCP2Gold Coast PiratesUrunga Raiders
1/10/20173:00 PMCP1Gold Coast PiratesLeichhardt Jags
1/10/2017FINAL (TBD)

2017 Oceania Cup

When: 30 Sep/1 Oct
Where: Alstonville, NSW
Who: Girls Club Teams
Div's: Gr12, 14, 16, Open
Noms Due: 18th Sept

Click here to nominate.

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